We all want to burn a little fat with out spending hours upon hours slogging it out doing endless cardio and High Performance Fitness have the exercises to help you. Over the next few weeks will be uncovering 12 fat burning exercises to help you burn a little extra fat during your workouts.

Starting with part 1 of our 3 part series, below are the first 4 exercise to get you started.


Hate them or love them burpees are a great fat burning exercise. The movement uses every major muscle group and raises your heart rat instantly. A fantastic combination of body weight exercises and cardio.


A great form of cardio which can be completed just about anywhere as long as you have a skipping rope which you can pick up from all sporting stores for only a few dollars. There is a reason why fighters are always skipping, not only does it improve agility but it helps build / strengthen your arms and legs as well as working your cardiovascular system. Skipping at even just a moderate rate can burn up to 15 calories a minute or a whopping 150 calories if you squeeze in 10 minutes of skipping to start your day off.


One of the best compound movements for strengthen and developing your glutes, thighs and legs. Begin with body weight squats until you developed your strength where you can use a barbell for even greater gains. A compound movement which can be performed with weights. Please speak to one of our personal trainers if you need help with technique.


Another fantastic body weight movement which develops your back and improves your posture. A great exercise which should be included to help improve your overall body composition. For the advanced gym goer, these can be completed with additional weights.

So there is the first 4 exercise to get you started. 4 great fat burning exercises which have added benefits of improving core strength, posture and body composition.

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