Hotel room Workout

Sometimes our work requires us to travel but that doesn’t mean we have too let our progress stall. Usually when traveling for work our days are jammed packed with meetings any other important appointments and our free time is limited.

Having spent many nights away from home for work myself, I always tried to maintain a healthy life. I would do this by always attempting to following one simple rule.

I always got a workout in, even if it was only a quick circuit style workout (15-20 mins)

This all sounds simple enough but it was not always achievable. Sometimes the hotel we stay out does not have a gym for example. So what did I do when the hotel did not have a gym?? Simple I created my own hotel room workout which I could complete using only my body weight and items in my room such as the seat and your luggage case.

Below is the circuit workout that I use whenever this is the case. It takes less than 20 minutes and can be either completed first thing in the morning before breakfast or before getting ready for dinner. All you need is the seat in the hotel room and your luggage case with some luggage inside. Intensity workouts like this are great to work your muscles and your cardiovascular system “win win”.

The workout is split into two, Warm up and workout

Warmup (3 rounds)

25 jumping jacks

10 burpees

Workout AMRAP

20 body weight squats

15 push ups

10 single arm rows (using your luggage case)

15 static lunges each leg

10 tricep dips (using the hotel room seat)

0-20 crunches (do as many as you can up to 20

Adjust the total reps of each exercise if required, for example if you cannot do 15 push ups reduce the number to what you can achieve +1.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes with-out a break if you can. If you maintain a good pace throughout this workout you should be left sweating with your muscles burning. As always be sure to allow a few minutes after the workout to stretch and cool down properly.

So the next time you’re stuck in a hotel without a gym give this workout a go and keep your progress on track.


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