Benefits of meal Prepping

There are so many benefits to prepping your meals in advance and as you see on my personal Instagram feed I am a huge meal prepper. It is true that failing to plan is planning to fail and that is why meal prepping is important to help your reach your nutritional goals.

So, what are the benefits??

There are a number of benefits to meal prepping which include the following

·         Portioned meals that meet your nutritional targets

·         Always have a ready-made meal or snack on hand for when the munchies attack

·         Reduces temptation to snack on fatty or high sugar foods

·         Reduces the stress of what to eat

·         Can help keep your body supplied with essential nutrients throughout the day

·         Helps you stick to your diet

Is it difficult to meal prep??

No, definitely not but it does take a little time each week to cook all your food and portion it up and of course you need plenty of containers and fridge space to store your food. You will need to create a menu for the days ahead and write a list of all the foods you will need which requires a little thought as some foods will spoil after a day.

How to meal prep

The first thing you need to do is work out a menu for the numbers of days you want to prep for depending on your nutritional targets. This will vary for everyone depending on your diet.

Secondly, write a list of all your food that you will need. Protein, vegetables and carbohydrates

Thirdly, cook it all up and divide it into portions. Lots of containers.

It’s that simple. As mentioned it does take a little time but it is well and truly worth it. Meal prepping for me usually take around an hour on a Sunday night and a few pots and pans to cook all the food. I prep for breakfast, lunch and snacks and cook my dinner each night.

Is it expensive?

This is a question I get asked all the time when speaking with people about what to eat and the simply answer is no not at all. Sure when you go to the supermarket to purchase your meal prep food it seems like a lot on money but when you break it down to the cost for each meal / day it is cheaper and 100% healthier than eating your meals from a café or fast food restaurant. Yes it is more expensive than a ham and cheese sanga but it is also a lot more nutrient dense so it is better for you.

What does my usual typical meal prep look like?

Remember this is my meal prep and works for me, it doesn’t work for everyone and will vary for each of you depending on your diet.


Overnight oats with protein powder


Protein – Lean beef, chicken or turkey

Vegetable – lots of them

Carbohydrates – whole-meal pasta, brown rice


Plain Greek yogurt with protein powder and mixed berries

Protein slice (heaps of recipes online or I can send you mine)


I cook this fresh each night but depending on what time I train it will always include a quality source of protein, heaps of vegetable or salads and some form of carbohydrate.











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