Staying Motivated

Staying motivated to workout can be a challenge.

Life’s challenges can quite easily take over and our motivation to workout soon disappears and before we know it we haven’t worked out in over a week, than a month and bang we are back to square one.

So what can we do to stay motivated for the gym?? Well I thought I share a four little tricks I personally use to stay motivated to stay consistent. These tricks may seem very very simple and to be honest they are but I find they work for me and hopefully work for you.

1) Set goals All to often you hear people say I want to lose 10kgs, run a marathon or gain 5kgs of muscle…you get the picture. Break these goals down into smaller parts. For example if you main goal is to lose 10kgs, break this goal down into (mini) goals. 500g a week is an achievable goal. By setting mini goal which form part of your overall goal they become easier to achieve. Keep a diary and continue to tick off these mini goals and you will find yourself excited and striving to keep ticking items of your list.

2) Take progress photo’s, measurements and log them – Whether you choose to post these on social media or not is completely up to you (sometime I do sometimes I don’t) but I always take them for myself. By doing this I can look back at previous photo’s from 1 or 2 weeks ago or even a month. When I think I haven’t progressed I can easily loo back and see the difference between photos. Take your measurements, whether it be using the scales or tape measure, make sure you take them, log them in your diary and refer back to them. As with the photos, sometimes it feels like your not making any progress at all. Take your measurements, refer back to the last time you recorded them and you can clearly see the progress made.

3) Set non negotiable time to workout – Personally I workout for 60 minutes a day 6 days a week, that’s roughly 4% of the day I dedicate to my workout. Now I have two boys who go to school, play sports and just generally want my attention (which I love). So what do I do to make sure I get the workout in?? Easy, I make the most of my time available and plan ahead. If I know the day is going to be super busy with work, sports, dinner, homework etc. I will tackle it 2 ways. I may get up an hour early and workout before my busy day starts or I’ll wait until the day is done and workout after the kids are in bed. Either way if you want it enough you will find a way.

4) Take a rest day – For me this is every Sunday. Sundays for us are family days (non negotiable) Sam has footy in the morning, we then have lunch together and our afternoon is spent enjoying family time such as the park, more footy kicking, bike riding even lounging on the couch watching sports and movies. By having a complete day away from the gym refreshers me mentally and my body has a chance to recover. Monday rolls around and bang I’m keen as mustard to go smash some new goals. The small aches and pains from the previous week are gone and I’m genuinely excited to go to the gym.

5) Workout Partners – I’m lucky as my wife enjoys working out. Together we will workout around 4 times a week together. This is such a great motivational tool, when I don’t feel 100% like working out she will drag my butt out there and we get it done. This works both ways and sometimes it me dragging hers out for a gym session. Bottom line, if you currently workout by yourself whether be in a class or just a general workout and find yourself not enjoying it or lacking enthusiasm, grab a friend to workout with and use each other for encouragement and motivation and after the workout you can sneak off for a quick coffee before racing home.

So when you’re not feeling motivated, employ a few of these tricks and stay on track to reach your goals. Its easier to keep working on small weekly goals than it is start to start completely from the beginning again.

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