Make the kitchen easy

Many people who decide to embark on a healthy eating program will stumble in the kitchen because not everyone is a masterchef (i know i’m not) but the good thing about being on a diet or healthy eating program is that meal prep can be very simple (if not a little boring)

I have always followed a pretty simple nutrition plan and when i follow it correctly, i get results! Those results don’t just happen in 1 week, you need to stick with the plan for 6-8 weeks and you will see those results.

The basic nutrition plan i have always followed:

Breakfast- Oats and protein powder using water
Morning tea- 1 piece fruit
Lunch- Chicken, veggies and brown rice
Afternoon- 15-20 Almonds
Dinner- Chicken, Veggies and brown rice

Also a post training protein shake using water

The above has been my basic nutrition plan whenever i have got stuck in and focused on burning fat, around 3 months ago i started planning for my Everest Base Camp trek and decided to go vegetarian firstly to help with dropping a few extra kgs (every extra kg at altitude makes it harder) and secondly because i knew i would get little meat in Nepal on my 14 day trek.

So i changed the chicken/beef and swapped it for tofu, i also found these little lentil and spice “fingers” at woolworths which i would use in wraps to mix things up.

Anyway back to making life simple in the kitchen…

Oats and protein powder is simple, i now have weetbix instead to mix things up!
Fruit, we can all do this part of the kitchen haha
The lunch and dinner meals of chicken/tofu and veggies, i make these into a stir fry and simply use snap frozen veggies because it’s easy and quick.. The rice you can cook yourself or buy the pre heat style if you can’t cook rice

So simple, so easy! and the best part is that it gets results!

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