Goal setting

A quick look at setting some goals to help you get to where you want to be.

1) Write down your goals in a place you will see it everyday. And stick them on the fridge, next to the bed or as your screen saver on your phone and computer, use them everyday to remind you what you are working towards.

2) Set a start and finish date for your goals, no matter the goal you need an end date that you are working towards. If it’s a weight loss goal then maybe it’s 6kg by March 15th or whatever your individual goal is.

3) Be specific with your goal, don’t just say ” i want to lose weight” say ” i want to lose 6kg by March 15th”.

4) Have a WHY, this is really important for goals because it gives you the reason why you are working so hard, it might be that you want to look good for an upcoming event but no matter what it is, it needs to be your WHY because it’s the thing that will pick you up and make you work hard

5) Reward yourself when you reach the smaller goals on the way to your ultimate goal, if you have reached the goal each week/month then reward yourself with something you enjoy.

Goals work, so now is the time to write them down and hit them this year!

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