6 Steps to better fat loss

Each month High Performance Fitness runs free workshops for our members and the general public, this month we hosted a “6 steps to better fat loss” with tips and answers to help you burn a few extra kgs this summer, we have put them down in this blog to help those who missed the workshop.

These are only tips and you should consult your doctor if you have allergies or are unsure.

1. Set goals
This might sound easy ” oh i want to lose 10kg’s” but that’s not a specific goal and is more the end result. A goal could be something like ” I want to lose 10kg for my wedding in 6 months” , these kinds of goals work so much better because the results are important, you want to feel happy on your day.
With your goals make sure they are realistic and not something like “10kg in 2 weeks”, space the goals out with small goals all working towards the big goal (month 1 = 3kg, month 2 = 3kg, month 3= 2.5kg etc )

2. Cut out sugar
This should be obvious but you would be surprised with the amount of people who don’t realise the amount of sugar in everyday salad dressings and sauces, the high sugar in low fat milk and some of the advertised “health foods”. A very rule of thumb is that if something has over 5g of sugar then find something else.
The first 7-10 days will be tough but push through and you will feel 100% better for it

3.Get active
Once again pretty obvious but start moving, if you are doing nothing then start walking 3-4 days per week for 30 minutes, if you are already walking then walk longer or up some hills.. If you have been doing that then maybe it’s time to find an amazing little gym like High Performance Fitness at Enoggera and join the crew for some small group training, the big key is you must keep pushing your body a little more each time and this is how results come.

4. Lift weights
Most girls are scared to lift weights because they think they will get bulky but girls just don’t have the testosterone levels to bulk up like guys and the girls you see who are bulked up have been lifting weights for years and years, they have eaten perfectly and they have worked hard! Remember that the more lean muscle on your body will mean the more fat you burn because lean muscle increases your metabolic rate

5. Balanced diet
Start simple with 5 small meals per day, breakfast (oats) morning snack (fruit), lunch (chicken and salad warp), afternoon snack (almonds) and dinner (meat and veg with sweet potato).. very basic and more work would need to be done to make it specific for each person but just eat healthy! cut out the crap! If you are hungry eat more veggies!

6. Stay Hydrated
You should be drinking a minimum 2l per day of water, when training you should be downing another 1-2L, and if its hot get more into you… If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated

7. Reward yourself *extra bonus tip
If you have trained all week and followed your nutrition 100%, then it’s time to have a treat (normally on a Saturday but that’s your choice) reward yourself for the hard work! (no reward if you have been lazy and eaten crap all week!

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