Increase your NEAT

NEAT or Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is simply any energy burned throughout the day that is not sleeping, eating or planned exercise.

Before we look at how we can increase our NEAT we first need to look at how our daily TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is categorised.

  • BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate which is the energy required to keep our body alive and functioning at rest. Our brains, liver and muscle all require energy to function. Our BMR makes up roughly 60-70% of our TDEE.
  • TEF or Thermic Effect of Food which is the energy the body burns digesting and converting food into energy. TEF can make up roughly 10% of our TDEE
  • TEPA or Thermic Effect of Physical Activity makes up the remaining 15-30% of our TDEE and can be categorized in two type of activity. Planned exercise such as a gym workout or sport and NEAT which is energy burned throughout the day from normal activity such as walking, housework etc.

Increasing your NEAT can play a big role in the number of calories burned each day making it easier to be in a slight caloric deficit in order to lose weight. Ever look at someone and think wow they eat a lot and are so skinny? Well chances are they move a lot throughout the day. Movement is key for a healthy body and mind.

Six simple tips for increasing you NEAT to help you lose weight

  1. Walk or cycle to your destination where possible. The extra steps can really add up quick and burn extra calories, even parking just a little further away from your destination adds up over the week
  2. Take the stairs. Hiking up a few flights of stairs can not only be quicker then waiting for the elevator, but it will get your blood pumping burning extra calories
  3. Stand instead of sitting (where possible) Simply standing burns more energy then sitting. If you have a desk bound job, get yourself an adjustable desk if possible and stand up to work.
  4. We all have mobile or cordless phones so stand up and walk about when chatting on the phone, like parking further away or walking to your destination, those steps can quickly add up
  5. Stay on top of the housework. Mopping the floor, hanging the washing, mowing the grass and washing the cars etc. all require you to be moving and movement will burn extra calories
  6. Play with the kids. Chasing the kids around the park or throwing a ball around the backyard can be a great addition to your day to burn some extra calories and your kids will love the extra attention as well
  7. Bonus tip – Take the dog for a walk

So quite simply put, movement is key to a healthy body. The more we can move throughout the day the higher our TDEE is which makes it easier to be at a healthy weight. So, the next time you think you have been sitting for too long chances are you probably have.

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